Zadig / L'Ingenu, Voltaire

Zadig / L'Ingenu, Voltaire

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One of Voltaire's earliest tales, Zadig is set in the exotic East and is told in the comic spirit of Candide; L'Ingenu, written after Candide, is a darker tale in which an American Indian records his impressions of France

From the cover: 

Written by the wittiest writer in an age of wits, these two tales are clearly the work of the mind that produced Candide the wittiest writer in an age of wits, these two tales are clearly the work of the mind that produced Candide 

Voltaire’s faith in man’s resillience is displayed with immense gaiety, inventive imagination and irreverence for official doctrine.  Zadig, written in 1747, is full of vivaciousness and everyone always bounces hopefully up, whatever fate may have done.  The humour is less constant in L’Ingenu and there is a mature and satisfying development in Voltaire’s thinking on the problem of evil. 

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