Women of the Dunes, Sarah Maine

Women of the Dunes, Sarah Maine

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It is the women who are keepers of tales.  In this epic story spanning the centuries, three women are linked together across history. 

Libby Snow spent her childhood hearing stories and legends form long ago.  Now an archaeologist, her job is to dig deeper into the past, but her excavation at Ullaness, on Scotland’s west coast has a very personal resonance.  For the headland of Ullaness holds not only the secrets of the legend of Ulla, the Norsewoman, but also begins the strange story of Ellen. 

Libby’s grandmother passed on these tales – of love, betrayal and loss – but the more Libby learns at Ullaness, the more twisted the threads become.  When human remains are discovered in the dunes, it becomes clear that time and intention have distorted accounts of what happened there.  Is it too late to uncover the truth? Or is Libby herself in danger of being caught up in the tangled web of fable and deceit? 




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