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Who Killed Kennedy?: The Definitive Account of Fifty Years of Conspiracy, Matthew Smith, Cyril H. Wecht

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Edition/Year:  2013

Publisher:  Mainstrem

Pages:  351

Format Hardback


An explosive new study from an expert on the JFK assassination brings fascinating new evidence to the debate

The American people were not satisfied that Lyndon B. Johnson's presidential inquiry into the murder of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 had revealed the truth. This inspired a "people's investigation," the nature and the scale of which were unequaled. It was the beginning of a quest to establish the truth which has so far taken 50 years and which still goes on. This exhaustive account of that quest is told through the eyes of a historian who has been involved in it from the very beginning. It is a story of treachery, lies, deceit, and murder. As the investigation has progressed over the years, the revelations have been breathtaking, the facts staggering, and the real story so dramatic that fiction simply cannot equal it.

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