Travellers Budapest, Louis James

Travellers Budapest, Louis James

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Travellers Budapest 

190m x 130mm x 10mm 

Publisher: Thomas Cook 

Publication year: 2008 

Format:  Paperback 

Pages: 192 

Category: Nonfiction / Travel Guides / Budapest 


Condition Notes Cover: VERY GOOD 

Condition Notes Internal: VERY GOOD 


The Thomas Cook Traveller Guide to Cambodia comes from the world’s leading travel expert and has everything you need to plan the perfect trip: 

  • The top sights and the less well-known ones 
  • Walks and tours with clear maps 
  • Places off the beaten track 
  • Special features on cultural background and other aspects 
  • Holiday hints and tips 
  • A-Z of essential information 
  • Advice on shopping, eating out, sport and nightlife 

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