This Book will Save your Life, A M Homes

This Book will Save your Life, A M Homes

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher: Granta Books 

Publication date: 2007 

First published 2006 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 372 


About the Book:  

Trading stocks and shares out of his beautiful LA home, Richard Novak sees no one except his trainer, housekeeper and nutritionist, who delivers regular supplies of macrobiotic, low carb food.  He is so out of touch with his feelings that life has slowed almost to a standstill.  Following an attack of inexplicable and excruciating pain that lands him in the emergency room, Richard befriends Anhil, a doughnut shop owner.  His solitary routine broken, and his diet sabotaged by sugary baked goods, Richard’s dramatic emotional thaw begins. . .  

A sharp and wildly entertaining novel about new beginnings, transformation and the weirdness of LAS, This Book Will Save Your Life reveals what can happen if you are willing to open up to the world around you.  

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