The Structure of the Universe, Jayant Narlikar

The Structure of the Universe, Jayant Narlikar

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Title: The Structure of the Universe 

Condition:  Internally: VERY GOOD  Externally: Good with some spine twist 

Author/s:  Jayant Narlikar 

Edition/Year:  1978 

Publisher: Oxford University Press 

Pages: 264 

Format:  Hardback 

Category: Science / Universe / Cosmology  


About the Book: 

Do black holes really exist? Why does the Sun emit fewer neutrinos than expected?  What is a quasar really like?  Where do galactic radio sources get their energy from?  Do the laws of physics, as we know them on Earth, really apply on an astronomical scale? Professor Narlikar looks at the Universe and its mysteries from two contrasting points of view.  He describes how the modern astronomer investigates the structure of the Universe and interprets what he sees; and he shows how the physical environment here on Earth is so totally dependent on the structure of the Universe that the study of that structure can provide valuable information for the earth-bound scientist.  



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