The Sound of Thunder, Wilbur Smith

The Sound of Thunder, Wilbur Smith


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Condition:  FAIR 

Publisher: PAN 

Publication date:  1968 

First Published: 1966 

ISBN: 0330021354 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 430 


About the Book:  

Sean Courtney, the impulsive adventurer of When the Lion Feeds, returns from the wilderness a rich man - but encounters a cruel homecoming. 'Only once in his life had Sean met a man whose stength matched his own - and now again they were pitted against each other. He drove the heel of his right hand up under Jan Paulus's chin, forcing his head back against the encircling left arm. It should have broken Jan Paulus's neck. Instead he locked his arms around Sean's chest below the level of his armpits - and squeezed. Within seconds Sean felt his face swelling and congesting with blood, his mouth opened and his tongue came out between his teeth.' Sound of Thunder is a vibrant tale of war, and of love and hatred in many forms: between brothers, between friends, between father and son, and between man and woman. Striding through its pages, the commanding figure of Sean Courtney, maturing, deepening, develops from the headstrong adventurer of When the Lion Feeds into a seasoned soldier and leader of men. 

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