The Raven's Head, Karen Maitland

The Raven's Head, Karen Maitland

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher: Headline 

Publication date: 2015 

First published 2015 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 500 


About the Book:  

Never trust your secrets to a Raven when you are not its true master. . .  

  1. Langley Manor, Norfolk.  Lord Sylvain has beenpractising alchemy in hiding for years and now only the Apothecary’s niece can help him with final preparations to forge the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Alchemy calls for symbols – and victims – and when a man in possession of an intricately carved raven’s head arrives at the Manor in a clumsy attempt at blackmail, Sylvain has both symbol and victim within easy reach. 

But the White Canons in nearby Langley Abbey are concealing a crucial, missing ingredient. . . Regulus, a small boy with a large destiny.  

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