The Queen from Provence, Jean Plaidy (Vintage)

The Queen from Provence, Jean Plaidy (Vintage)

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Condition:  GOOD - VINTAGE 

Publisher:  Pan 

Publication date: 1979 

First published 1979 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 285 

ISBN: 033025782x


About the Book:  

Marguerite, eldest daughter of the Count of Provence, had married a king of France.  Here sister, the beautiful Eleanor, was determined that she would make as grand a match. 

Good fortune and wily cunning brought her Henry of England for a husband.  A good and generous husband, but a weak king, he ruled a nation that still remembered his cruel and foolish father, King John. 

Henry showered gifts on the bride who soon made him her slave in love.  His extravagance forced him to levy ever greater taxation on the land, until the spectre of revolt loomed against him.  For Simon de Montfort, the adventurer who would give England its first true parliament, the hour of destiny was at hand. . .  

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