The Primeval Universe, Jayant V Narlikar

The Primeval Universe, Jayant V Narlikar

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Title:  The Primeval Universe 

Condition:  GOOD 

Author/s:  Jayant V. Narlikar 

Edition/Year:  1988 

Publisher: Oxford University Press 

Pages: 241 

Format:  Paperback 


About the Book: 

The most fascinating frontier area of research in cosmology today relates to the very early history of the universe.  As the astronomical probes of the universe steadily improve, physicists are able to catch better and better glimpses of what the universe was like billions of years ago.  This information is gradually being pieced together in the attempt to answer some very fundamental questions 

Did the universe have a beginning? Is it dominated by matter, rather than antimatter?  Why, how, and when did galaxies form?  What is the nature of matter that cannot be seen but is believed to exist?  Do we have any relics today of the distant past to indicate how the laws of physics operated in those times?  Can cosmology supply clues to the riddle of unification of all laws of physics? 

This book describes the current search for answers to such questions, and in doing so captures the excitement of scientific speculation on the origin of the universe and the nature pf physical laws.   

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