The Main Chance, Colin Forbes

The Main Chance, Colin Forbes

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Condition:  GOOD

Publisher:  BCA

Publication date: 2006

First Published 2005

Format: Hardback

Pages:  295

ISBN: 0000001423419


From the cover:  

At the urgent plea of a friend, Tweed, once ace detective, now Deputy Chief SIS, with Paula Grey, visits Bella Main at remote Hengistbury Manor. Bella, formidable matriarch, controls the Main Chance, the most powerful private bank in Europe.  She tells them she has refused an enormous offer from Calouste Gubenkian, an Armenian and the most villainous man on the Continent.  Within days of their visit Bella is murdered by a unique method.

Tweed and Paula return to investigate the atrocious act. The bank's Hengistbury HQ is based in a huge Elizabethan manor hidden in The Forest in the deep south of England.  Tweed has already met members of the two families which have run the bank for generations.  

There is the arrogant, Slippery Marshal Main, co-director with his brother, Warner Chance, who is quieter and difficult to read; Marshal's brilliant and attractive daughter, Lavinia; Crystal, Warner's wild daughter and Leo, his unstable son.  Tweed detects hatred between the two families. 

He unearths deceit and dangerous secrets as, with Paula, he mingles with members of both strange families.  They drive down to Seacove, Marshal's old second home on the rugged Cornish coast.  They see his 'wonder' yacht.

Then Tweed hears Calouste has furtively arrived in England. A second murder is committed.  There is a 'no-quarter' battle between Tweed's team and Calouste's killers.  Tweed returns to the manor.  Grim news awaits him.  With Paula he races to Seacove to prevent another murder.  Are they too late?

Finally, Tweed proves the bank, founded in 1912, was based on a brutal crime more than a century ago. 

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