The Long Fall, Julia Crouch

The Long Fall, Julia Crouch

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher: Headline 

Publication date:  2014 

First Published: 2014 

ISBN: 9781472207203 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 387 


About the Book:  

How far would you go to protect your secrets? 
Greece, 1980 
Emma takes part in a shattering, violent event. An event to which she is anything but an innocent bystander. 
She is only eighteen, but this marks her fall from innocence. 
It will haunt her for the rest of her life. 
London, now 
Kate has the perfect existence: a glossy image, a glamorous home, a perfect family. 
But there are cracks. 
All is not what it seems. 
And now the two worlds are about to collide. 
Somebody's out for revenge. 
Someone who has been waiting thirty years... 

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