The Heretic Queen, Michelle Moran

The Heretic Queen, Michelle Moran

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher:  Quercus 

Publication date: 2008 

First published in 2008 

Format: Hardback 

Pages: 380 


About the Book:  

When Nefertari’s entire family is killed in a fire, she’s left to grow up alone, a spare princess in the palace of the new Pharaoh.  Her young life is overshadowed by the past – the name of her infamous aunt, Nefertiti, the Heretic Queen, still strikes terror into the souls of Egyptians. So, when she finds herself falling in love with the young Pharaoh, Ramesses, she knows it’s not going to be easy to win his heart.  

But when the Pharaoh’s aunt takes Nefertari under her wing and begins to educate her in the ways to gain a man’s attention – and hold it – marriage to him seems within her reach.  Yet, even as Ramesses declares his love for her, she knows there’s more work to be done.  If she’s to be Queen, all of Egypt must recognise her worth and overcome her connection to the dark heretical days of the past.  

Ramesses will face challenges from all sides; war, drought, conquest and the determination of a man named Ahmoses will all threaten his reign.  could Egypt’s rulers, and more importantly her people, ever allow him to marry the woman he loves, let alone make her his Queen? 

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