The Golden Orange, Joseph Wambaugh

The Golden Orange, Joseph Wambaugh

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Condition:  WELL READ 

Publisher:  Bantam Books 

Publication date: 1991 

First published 1990 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 380 


About the Book:  

Last chance in La La Land. . .  

Amidst the yachts, mansions and millionaires on the Gold Coast of Orange County, California, life promises no rich rewards for forty-year-old ex-cop Winnie Farlowe.  Even his job as the Balboa Island ferry captain ends in a wild night of drunken disaster at sea.  

But notoriety may be his saving grace, for in Spoon’s Landing, his favourite waterside saloon, it brings him to the attention of the stunningly beautiful, sexually spirited Tess Binder.  Tess could be Winnie’s ticket to an exclusive world of clubs, ranches and the boat of his dreams.  But she also carries with her the mystery of her father’s death and the fear of her own fate.   And soon, Winnie, too, becomes the target of an unknown assailant. . .  

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