The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse


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The Glass Bead Game 

AUTHOR : Hermann Hesse 

Publisher: Penguin Modern Classics 

Publication year: 1943 (1972 reprint) 

Format:  Paperback 

Pages:  519 

Category:  Classics / Penguin / Philosophic Literature 

Condition Notes: Please Note the photographs attached are of the actual book you are purchasing.  Please review these carefully and feel free to request more should you require them.  

Overall fair to good condition. Rubbing of corners and some foxing of pages. More rubbing to base of spine. Piece of tape on back cover. 

About the book: 

The Glass Bead Game is an ultra-aesthetic game which is played by the scholars, creamed off in childhood and nurtured in elite schools, in the kingdom of Castillia. 

The Master of the Glass Bead Game, Joseph Knecht, holds the most exalted office in Castillia. He personifies the detachment, serenity and aesthetic vision which rewards a life dedicated to perfection of the intellect. 

But can, indeed should, man live isolated from hunger, family, children, women, in a perfect world where passions are tamed by meditation, where academic discipline and order are paramount? 

This is Hermann Hesse’s great novel. It is a major contribution to contemporary philosophic literature and has a powerful vision of universality, the inner unity of man’s cultural ideals, and his search for personal perfection and social responsibility. 

The cover, designed by Germano Facetti, shows a detail from ‘Constructiv-impressiv, 1927’ by Paul Klee. 


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