The Charming Quirks of Others, Alexander McCall Smith

The Charming Quirks of Others, Alexander McCall Smith

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Condition: WELL READ Ex-Library 

Collectors Notes: 1st Edition Hardback, Ex Library cover

Year of Publication: 2010

Year of Print:  2010 



From the cover: 

As well as its incomparable advantages, decides Isabel Dalhouse, there are drawbacks to the enlightened village that is twenty-first-century Edinburgh.  A village in which every Saturday night ears burn at dinner parties across the city, and anyone requiring the investigative abilities of a philosophical soul knows just where to find her. 

Jilian McKinlay – wife of a trustee of the illustrious Bishop Forbes School – is the latest petitioner; she asks Isabel to look into a poison-pen letter that makes insinuations about applicants for the position of principal.  Then Isabel’s niece Cat has another new boyfriend, hearty Grodon Leafers, a rugby-playing mathematics teacher from Kelso, who seems too good to be true.  And when a pretty cellist with a tragic story takes a fancy to her husband-to-be, Isabel finds herself contemplating an act of heroic and alarming self-sacrifice. 

Level-headed, sharp-eyed and judicious, Isabel Dalhouse picks her way through her latest set of moral challenges with unfailing intelligence and proves herself yet again to be one of Alexander McCall Smith’s most lovable and enduring creations.  

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