Thank You for the Days, Mark Radcliffe

Thank You for the Days, Mark Radcliffe

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Title: Thank you for the Days 

Author/s: Mark Radcliffe 

Condition: VERY GOOD 

Edition/Year:  2009 

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster 

Pages: 304 

Format:  Paperback 

Category:  Nonfiction / Autobiography / Music / Radio / Presenter 


About the Book: 

Approaching his 50th birthday, Mark Radcliffe decided to look back and write about his life and, most importantly, his time in music. But crucially, he wanted to write only about the most interesting days and not the dull ones in between. 

Thank you for the Days is a predictably rich and funny love letter to music by one of our most acclaimed radio presenters. From pieces based in childhood such as ‘The Day My Mother Hit Me With a Golf Club’, through Mark’s epiphany of the power of music in ‘The Day I Met The Band Who Changed My Life’, and his starstruck meeting with childhood hero, David Bowie, Mark charts a course through his days in radio. 

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