Tales of Terror & Darkness, Algernon Blackwood


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Tales of Terror & Darkness 

Algernon Blackwood 

Publisher: Spring Books 

Publication year: 1977 

Format:  Hardback 

Pages: 793 


Condition Notes: Please Note the photographs attached are of the actual book you are purchasing.  Please review these carefully and feel free to request more should you require them. 

About the book: 

Algernon Blackwoods Tales of Terror and Darkness puts together Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre and Tales of the Uncanny and Supernatural. 

Algernon Blackwood holds a very special position among the great writers of super-natural fiction. Unlike the introspective academic world of M R James's stories, or the narrow focus of H P Lovecraft's work, Algernon Blackwood's writing has an infinitely wide range.  Shock horror stories like The Empty Sleeve and The Wings of Horus, gentle fantasy like The South Wind and The Olive, and chilling ghost stories such as The Decoy were all part of his output.

Algernon Blackwood travelled widely, and tried his hand at many jobs before finally becoming a writer.  This breadth of experience is evident from the writing - whatever horror they confront, whatever unseen terror stalks them, Blackwood's characters are real people.  The settings are vivid as well, particularly wild, natural landscapes where Nature holds sway.  If Blackwood has a theme it is the awesome psychic power of Nature: The Man Whom The Trees Loved is among the very best of his work.

Most of the forty-three stories in this book were published in Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre and Tales of the Uncanny and Supernatural  - this is the first time they have appeared in one volume. 

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