Space, Time, and Gravity, Robert M Wald

Space, Time, and Gravity, Robert M Wald

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Title: Space, Time, and Gravity – The theory of the Big Band and Black Holes 

Condition:  GOOD 

Author/s:  Robert M Wald 

Edition/Year:  1977 

Publisher:  Chicago Press 

Pages: 131 

Format:  Hardback 

 A lovely hardback copy of this rare 1st Edition.   DJ in tact and unclipped and barring a little shelf wear and dirt is in very good condition for the age. 

About the Book: 

In recent years astronomers, physicists and a curious, if somewhat bewildered general public have witnessed a number of exciting developments that have fundamentally shaped our ideas of space, time, and gravity.  In this brief and clearly written book, a young physicist provides the lay reader or student with an elementary but scientifically sound introduction to such fascinating topics as the theory of the big bang origin of the universe and the enigma of black holes. 

Robert M Wald begins with a lucid explanation of how, in Einstein’s theory of general relativity, gravitation is described in terms of the curved geometry of spacetime.  Then Wald discussed the implications of these ideas for our understanding of the universe, its origin, evolution, and large-scale structure.  The last five chapters of the book cover gravitational collapse and black holes, and include explanations of energy extraction from black holes, astrophysical processes involving black holes, and recent research on particle creation near tiny black holes due to quantum effect.  

Wald has presented this material so that all the important and basic ideas are described clearly, logically, and without irrelevant technical detail.  His book should be accessible and, indeed, enjoyable for all readers who are interested in understanding these ideas.  

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