Songbird, Josephine Cox

Songbird, Josephine Cox

Well Read

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Condition:  WELL READ (Has part sticker on cover & stamp internally) 

Publisher:  Harper 

Publication date: 2008 

First published 2008 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 501 


About the Book:  

Madeleine Delaney holds a dark and dangerous secret, one that she has carried with her for over twenty years. . .  

Madeleine is the star of the show at the Pink Lady Cabaret Bar.  Her angelic voice and striking looks capture the hearts of many.  But she only has eyes for club owner, Steve Drayton, a devastatingly handsome but terrifying man.  

Then one night, she witnesses a horrific crime and her life is irrevocably changed forever.  The kindness and friendship of one girl, Ellen, rescues Madeleine.  But in order to survive, they must flee London, leaving those they dearly love behind, and danger is following them wherever they go. . .  

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