Skeleton Key, Anthony Horowitz

Skeleton Key, Anthony Horowitz

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Condition: WELL READ 

Publisher: Walker 

Publication date: 2002 

First published in 2002 

ISBN: 0744590078 

Format: Paperback  

Pages: 325 


About the Book:  

Reluctant teenage superspy Alex Rider is useful to MI6 in ways an adult could never be. Now they need his help once again.  

But a routine reconnaissance mission at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships sets off a terrifying chain of events for Alex that sees him on the run from a murderous Chinese triad gang. Forced to hide out, Alex is sent to Cayo Esqueleto – Skeleton Key – an island near Cuba. Waiting for him there is General Alexei Sarov – a coldly insane Russian with explosive plans to rewrite history.  

Alex faces his most dangerous challenge yet. Alone, and equipped only with a handful of ingenious gadgets, Alex must outwit Sarov, as the seconds tick away towards the end of the world.   

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