Simisola, Ruth Rendell

Simisola, Ruth Rendell

As New

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Condition:  AS NEW 

Publisher:  Arrow 

Publication date: 1995 

First published 1994 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 378 


About the Book:  

Only eighteen black people live in Kingsmarksham.  One of them is Wexford’s new doctor, Raymond Akande.  When the doctors daughter Melanie, goes missing, the Chief Inspector takes more than just a profession interest in the case.  

Melanie, just down from university but unable to find a job, disappeared somewhere between the Benefit Office and the bus stop.  Or at least no one saw her get on the bus when it came.  

According to her parents, Melanie was happy at home.  She had recently broken up with her boyfriend, but, until now, there had been no cause to worry about her.  And no one liked to voice the suspicion that something might have happened, that Melanie might be dead. . . 

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