Sidney Chambers and The Problem of Evil, James Runcie

Sidney Chambers and The Problem of Evil, James Runcie

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher:  Bloomsbury 

Publication date: 2015 

First published 2014 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 287 


About the Book:  

Canon Sidney Chambers is settling into married life with his German bride, but things in Grantchester rarely stay quiet for long.  Our favourite clerical detective attempts to stop a serial killer; investigates the disappearance of a famous painting after a distracting display of nudity by a French girl in an art gallery; uncovers the fact that an ‘accidental’ drowning on a film shoot may not have been so accidental after all; and discovers the reasons behind the theft of a baby from a hospital in the run-up to Christmas, 1963.  Meanwhile, Sidney wrestles with the problem of evil, attempts to fulfil the demands of Dickens, his faithful Labrador, and contemplates, as always, the nature of love. 

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