Secrets in Burracombe, Lilian Harry

Secrets in Burracombe, Lilian Harry

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher:  Orion 

Publication date: 2011 

First published 2012 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 327 


About the Book:  

A seemingly sleepy Devonshire village, Burracombe is in fact full of family secrets, budding romance, cruel twists of fate and friendship. 

It is autumn 1953 and the villagers are making excited preparations for the wedding of their much-loved schoolteacher Stella Simmons.  Everyone is delighted when Joe Tozer – who left Burracombe as a young man in 1919 – returns to visit his family. His life since emigrating to America has been a world away from rural Devon, but coming home, he soon falls in love with the place (and one particular person) all over again.  

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