Scorpia, Anthony Horowitz

Scorpia, Anthony Horowitz

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Condition: GOOD 

Publisher: Walker 

Publication date: 2004 

First published in 2004 

ISBN: 0744583233

Format: Paperback  

Pages: 359 


About the Book:  

Alex Rider is in Venice, looking for secrets long-buried in the past. Was his father really a ruthless assassin – and if so, what does that make Alex? 

The truth lies with a shadowy organization called Scorpia. But, as Alex draws near, Scorpia is planning a huge operation which will destroy the British and American alliance and destabilize the world. 

Alex’s fifth adventure is his most personal yet. Soon he will have to make a choice. Will he continue to work for MI6, who have manipulated and betrayed him? Or will Alex join Scorpia – and get his revenge?  

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