Rome's Lost Son, Robert Fabbri

Rome's Lost Son, Robert Fabbri

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Condition: AS NEW 

Publisher: Corvus 

Publication date: 2015 

First published in 2015 

ISBN: 9780857899699 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 368 


About the Book:  

ROME, AD 51 

Vespasian brings Rome’s greatest enemy before the Emperor. After eight years of resistance, the British warrior Caratacus has been caught. But even Vespasian’s victory cannot disentangle the newly made consul from Roman politics: Agrippina, Emperor Claudius’ wife, pardons Caratacus. 

Claudius is a drunken fool and Narcissus and Pallas his freedmen , are battling for control of his throne. Separately, they order Vespasian to Armenia to defend Rome’s interests. But there is more at stake than protecting a client kingdom. Rumours abound that Agrippina is plotting to destabilise the East. Vespasian must find a way to serve two masters – Narcissus is determined to ruin Agrippina, Pallas to save her.  

In Armenia, Vespasian is captured. Trapped in the oldest city on earth, how can he escape? And is Rome ruled by a woman who despises Vespasian any safer than a prison cell? 

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