Rhinoceros, Colin Forbes

Rhinoceros, Colin Forbes

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Condition:  WELL READ

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Publication date: 2001

First Published 2000

Format: Paperback 

Pages:  471


About the book:  

No one is what they seem to be. . .

Who is Lisa Trent, mysterious redhead who warns Tweed of impending catastrophe?  Aides to top statesmen in Washington, London, Paris and Berlin are murdered by the invisible Mr Blue.

Tweed, Paula and Newman race to East Sussex to view the second victim, then back to London which, mercifully, they reach alive.  Tweed meets slippery Gavin Thunder, flamboyant Oskar Vernon, the devious Mrs France and murderous Delgado.  Lisa - fleeing for her life - keeps reappearing.

Pursuing the secret Elite Club, Tweed and his team fly to Hamburg to meet a key informant - just before he too is murdered.  The frenetic pursuit leads to ancient Flensburg on the Danish border, the team always under attack.

But who is Rhinoceros?  Could it be urbane Victor Rondel, partner in the world's richest bank?  The starling climax erupts violently on Berg island in the Baltic.

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