Pride of Place, Judith Glover

Pride of Place, Judith Glover

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Condition: GOOD Ex-Library  

Collectors Notes: 1st Edition Hardback with dust jacket, usual library stamps, stickers and plastic cover applicable.

Year of Publication: 1995 

Year of Print:  1995 

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton 



From the cover:  

‘A pity you can’t visit your mother more often’  Mr Parrish criticised.  ‘Too busy swanning about I suppose.’ 

Vanessa had long ago trained herself not to let her step-father's dislike hurt her as it had through their childhood; he’d always pushed her into the background in favour of his own child, her half-sister Sybil. 

‘Sybil’s looking very glamorous this evening’ she said, and at once Mr Parrish’s expression softened a little.  ‘She a Larret are so well-matched' 

Vanessa was genuinely pleased that Sybil had made such a good catch; but just now she wished Larret would pay more attention to his fiancée and rather less to herself.  


From the outside, they look like a perfect couple: beautiful, intelligent and cultured, Vanessa seems an ideal wife for Roland Antrobus a man fifteen years her senior who runs a small art gallery in Wolverhampton. 

Yet both have their secrets.  And the façade starts to crumble when Vanessa meets the persuasive, charming Larret Fitzgerald, fiancé of her spoilt half-sister Sybil.  Vanessa finds she has placed her happiness in jeopardy and started a chain of events which dramatically alters her future. . .  

Set against an evocative and nostalgic portrait of Wolverhampton, Wales, the Dordogne and Berlin in the 1920’s, Pride of Place is an intriguing, romantic saga. 

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