Precipice, Colin Forbes

Precipice, Colin Forbes

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Condition:  WELL READ 

Publisher: Pan 

Publication date: 1996 

First published in 1996 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 477 


About the Book:  

‘There are precipices in all our lives. . .’ 

Tweed, Paula Grey and Bob Newman stalk their most dangerous enemy yet.  Leopold Brazil, dominant figure in the West, has a secret plan ‘to change the balance of world power’.  

Philip Cardon and Eve Warner see the grim murders of General Sterndale and his son in Dorset.  Eve is a strange personality, tearing at the emotions of Philip still grief stricken by his wife’s death.  Two more murders occur as Brazil visits his Dorset mansion.  And Tweed hears of a deadly new assassin, The Motorman. 

The action sweeps to Geneva where Paula fights for her life.  Tweed struggles to uncover the secret of Brazil’s global plan, to locate twenty key scientists – in communications and the information superhighway – who have disappeared.  The Motorman strikes again.  

The first climax builds in a wild, snowbound gorge.  Eve’s true character is revealed.  The ultimate climax explodes when Paula and Tweed race back to Dorset.  

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