Paperweight, Stephen Fry

Paperweight, Stephen Fry

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher:  Arrow 

Publication date: 1997 

First published in 1992 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 470 


About the Book:  

Over the years, when not wearing his acting, television or novelist trousers, Stephen Fry has written many articles and itemries for magazines, newspapers and radio.  Collected together in this excellent volume the reader will find the print debut of Professor Donald Trefusis, a previously undiscovered Sherlock Holmes mystery, discourses on the subjects of piles and critics and many more witty and incisive articles from the pages of the Listener and the Daily Telegraph. 

As the title suggests, Paperweights will make a handy desk top accessory as well as a friendly literary guacamole into which the tired and hungry reader might happily dip the tortilla chip of his curiosity whenever the fancy takes him. 


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