One in the Eye for Harold, Phil Mason

One in the Eye for Harold, Phil Mason

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Title:  One in the Eye for Harold – Why Everything you thought you knew about history is wrong. 

Condition: WELL READ 

Author/s:  Phil Mason 

Edition/Year:  2012 

Publisher: The Robson Press 

Pages: 251 

Format:  Paperback 


About the Book: 

The problem with history is that much of what you learn in school simply isn’t true! King Harold was not shot in the eye with an arrow at the Battle of Hasting; Neanderthals were not as dumb as you’d think; Britain had an Indian curry restaurant years before it had a fish-and-chip shops; and the American ‘Wild West’ really wasn’t that wild.  

One in the Eye for Harold romps through the centuries debunking fictions that have coloured out views of religion, politics, war and society for aeons, and shows us how some of our most solidly held beliefs are, in fact, false. 

Phil Mason catalogues how myth and error have shaped our view of the past, and how the history our teachers handed down is often far from the mark.  From the true origin of tartan to Lady Godiva’s fully clothed ride through Coventry, One in the Eye for Harold proceeds impudently through the oddly mistaken annals of our history. 

The most famous index finger in the history of art: not be Michelangelo 

Christopher Columbus: whatever he did discover, it certainly wasn’t America. 

Your average Viking: a decent, respectable migrant. . . .Maybe a little dull? 

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