Naseby The Decisive Campaign, Glenn Foard SIGNED

Naseby The Decisive Campaign, Glenn Foard SIGNED

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Title: Naseby The Decisive Campaign SIGNED by Author 


Author/s:  Glenn Foard 

Edition/Year:  1995 

Publisher:  Pryor 

Pages: 432 

Format:  Hardback 

Category:  Nonfiction / History / English Civil War 


About the Book: 

In late May of 1645 Lord Digby, one of Charles I’s closest advisors, predicted that ‘ere one month be over we shall have a battle of all for all’.  On 14 June that is exactly what happened in the open fields of Northamptonshire. 

Naseby was neither the largest nor the bloodiest battle of the English Civil War, but it was a devastating victory for the New Model Army commanded by Sir Thomas Fairfax, and for Cromwell.  Although the War dragged on into 1646, this battle not only ultimately determined the fate of the King, but also secured the future of Parliamentary democracy, ensuring that the name Naseby rivals that of Hastings in the national consciousness as the most important battle ever fought on English soil. 

Glenn Foard reviews the whole Naseby campaign, placing it in its regional and national context, providing new archaeological and documentary evidence about the decisive battle of the English Civil War, and concentrating on events in a contemporary landscape. 

The story is bought right up to date with analysis of the way in which the battle has been studied, commemorated and interpreted from the 17th to the 20th century, and finally the author asks the important question as to whether we have the imagination and commitment to realise the potential of Naseby battlefield, to conserve and interpret it for this and future generations.  Over 80 illustrations and maps complement the text.  

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