Mills & Boon, Romance.  Savage Obsession, Diana Hamilton

Mills & Boon, Romance. Savage Obsession, Diana Hamilton

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Mills and Boon are the UK’s number one publisher of romantic fiction.  Their range of romance genres cover different escapes with a reassurance of ‘happily ever after’  

MILLS & BOON – ROMANCE The oldest running imprint of Mills and Boon titles.  For over 100 years Mills and Boon has been lifting women off their feet with easy-to-read romances for that instant escape. 


Condition: GOOD 

Year of Print: 1993



From the cover: 

It was all Beth’s fault for agreeing to marry Charles Savage in the first place.  How could she have possibly thought that she could compete with passionate flame-haired Zanna, the mother of his child, but the woman who had callously abandoned him?  Beth had tried to make him happy, but now she had to acknowledge that their marriage was a sham.  Better to end it all with a civilised divorce and give up the struggle.  But Charles didn’t seem too happy with the prospect.  surely he didn’t imagine that he could keep both women in his life? 

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