Kiss and Tell, Donna Hay

Kiss and Tell, Donna Hay

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Condition:  WELL READ / GOOD 

Publisher:  Orion 

Publication date: 2001 

First published 2001 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 291 


About the Book:  

Jo is an actress on the country’s most popular soap, Westfield.  It’s a far cry from her West End stage ambitions, but as a single mother to two young daughters she needs the steady income.  Then ratings start to drop and the infamous Richard Black – known to actors as the Grim Reaper for his tendency to hand out multiple P45s – is rushed in to reverse Westfield’s fortunes.  But Jo soon discovers that there is more to the Grim Reaper than instant, dramatic death. . . 

Kiss and Tell is a captivating, truly romantic comedy where real life upstages soap life and where Jo’s every move has the potential to become tomorrow’s headlines.  

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