Islam and Christianity at the Crossroads, Chawkat Georges Moucarry

Islam and Christianity at the Crossroads, Chawkat Georges Moucarry

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Title:  Islam and Christianity at the Crossroads 

Condition:  GOOD 

Author/s:  Chawkat Georges Moucarry 

Edition/Year:  1988 

Publisher: Lion 

Pages: 110 

Format:  Paperback 

Category: Religion / Christianity / Islam / Autobiography / Memoir 


About the Book: 

For centuries, Christianity and Islam have been in conflict.  Because both faiths disagree with each other at strategic points, believers have often been tempted to compare the best of their own faith with the worst of the other.  

And yet, despite the real differences between them, Islam and Christianity share common ground.  They both claim to be related to Abraham, the Father of the believers.  They both acknowledge God’s greatest prophets such as Moses and David.  They both consider the Torah as the first Book where God’s Word is revealed.  And, above all, they are both characterized by an unshakable belief in the oneness of God, his majesty and his deep concern for mankind, the highest of his creatures.  

This book is a call for Christians and Muslims to understand each other.  It challenges them to reassess the common ground they hold, and to face up honestly to the disagreements between the two faiths.  It aims at promoting a genuine dialogue, in truth and love, between Christians and Muslims.  

Chawkat Georges Moucarry was born into a Christian family in Syria, where he had an Arab education.  This book is the result of many years of study in both Christianity and Islam, as well as of experience in Christian-Muslim relationships.  

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