Holding the Zero, Gerald Seymour

Holding the Zero, Gerald Seymour

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher:  Corgi 

Publication date: 2001 

First published 2000 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 525 


About the Book:  

Gus Peake should have kept his job and stayed at home, but an old family debt of friendship draws him to the remote wastes of Northern Iraq and to a savage forgotten war between Kurdish guerillas and Saddam Hussain’s military strength. 

To the brutal, no-quarter combat, Peake can bring the skills he has learned as a marksman.  But there is no room for mistakes on the field of battle and he must quickly learn to deal out random death at long distance, and help the guerillas to reach their goal, the city of Kirkuk, the old capital of the Kurdish people. 

From Baghdad, Iraq sends Major Karim Aziz, the most dedicated and professional sniper in Saddam’s army.  For both men their duel, from which only one can walk away, becomes an obsession.  And it will only take on shot, echoing in the mountains and valleys, to settle the score. . . 

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