Hide and Seek, Clare Sambrook

Hide and Seek, Clare Sambrook

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Condition:  VERY GOOD 

Publisher:  Canongate 

Publication date: 2006 

First published 2005 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 284 


About the Book:  

I ran to Mo. 

She said, ‘Where’s Daniel?’ 

Her eyes x-rayed the anorak like he might be hiding behind it, flickered over my head, scanned the empty bus. 

I said, ‘Isn’t he with you?’ 

Then, two things happened at once. 

Mo’s face went thin. 

And I knew what adults meant when they said that hearts sank. 


Harry Pickles tells how it really was the year he was nine and his little brother disappeared . . . Startlingly real, achingly sad, unexpectedly funny, Hide and Seek tells the fresh and gripping story of a family whose world is shattered by loss.  

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