Girl On A Train, A J Waines

Girl On A Train, A J Waines

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Condition:  WELL READ – EX. LIBRARY 

Publisher:  A J WAINES 

Publication date: 2013 

First published 2013 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 429 


About the Book:  

Headstrong Journalist, Anna Rothman knows what suicide looks like – her own husband killed himself five years earlier.  When Elly Swift, an agitated passenger beside her on a train, leaves a locket in Anna’s bag before jumping onto the tracks, Anna starts asking awkward questions.  But everything points to suicide and the police close the case. 

Anna, however, believes Elly’s fears for Toby, her young nephew, missing since being snatched from St Stephen’s church six months ago, fail to explain the true reason behind Elly’s distress.  Through a series of cryptic clues Elly left behind, Anna starts asking awkward questions, embarking on a dangerous crusade to track down Toby and find Elly’s killer. 

But nothing is as it seems and Anna opens a can of worms that throws into question the death of her husband, five years earlier – before the threads of the mystery converge in an astonishing conclusion.  

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