Exploring the Galaxies, Simon Mitton

Exploring the Galaxies, Simon Mitton

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Title:  Exploring the Galaxies 

Condition:  GOOD 

Author/s:  Simon Mitton 

Edition/Year:  1976 

Publisher: Faber and Faber 

Pages: 198 

Format:  Hardback 


About the Book: 

Investigations of galaxies have resulted in some of the greatest advances made in astronomy this century:  the concept of the expanding universe, the discovery of radio galaxies and quasars, and the realization that many galaxies are being overwhelmed by violent events.  This book for the non-specialist reader opens with an historical survey and brief description of the modern instrumentation.  This is followed by a survey of the methods used for finding distances.  After a description of normal galaxies and the Milky Way, Dr Mitton embarks on a guided tour of extragalactic research which brings the reader to the threshold of contemporary research. Quasars, radio galaxies, interacting galaxies and the search for intergalactic medium are described in depth. 

Throughout the book the author is careful to distinguish fact, fantasy and speculation, and he provides fascinating glimpses of the controversy underlying much of the research. 


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