Exocet, Jack Higgins

Exocet, Jack Higgins

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher: PAN 

Publication date:  1984 

First Published:  1983 

ISBN: 9780330282550 / 0330282557 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 237 


About the Book:  

‘It can’t go on. we’ll run out of pilots. We need more Exocets... 

As the Task Force sailed south to increasingly certain conflict, British Intelligence deployed its own very secret weapon.  

As the Argentinian fighters flew again and again against the fleet, as the Harriers fought valiantly back, as push came to shove, the one missile that could take out a Type 42 destroyer ran low in the arsenals of Argentina.  

One man could get Galtieri the Exocets he needed. A flamboyant air force flyer, the Richthofen of the Seahawk squadrons. And he was targeted by a blonde beauty, the ex-wife of an SAS officer... shapely, seductive and expendable.  

Two things might just get in the way. The KGB, always on the sidelines. And love, always waiting in the wings of war... 

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