Every Mother's Son, Lyn Andrews

Every Mother's Son, Lyn Andrews

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Condition:  GOOD 

Publisher:  Headline 

Publication date: 2006 

First published 2005 

Format: Hardback 

Pages: 311 

 ISBN: 0755331435

About the Book:  

Molly Keegan and Bernie O’Sullivan have been friends forever.  As young girls they left their childhood homes in Ireland seeking exciting new beginnings in Liverpool.  And now, as young women, they are preparing to marry their sweethearts and looking forward to enjoying the lives they’ve worked so hard to build.  But as Hitler’s armies advance across Europe and the Liverpool Blitz begins, it seems as if all their dreams are about to be destroyed.  

Night after night, horrific bombing is tearing the city apart.  Every day Molly and Bernie struggle to feed their families.  Every day they fight to keep them safe.  As wives and mothers, both women know that they could face great tragedy and loss.  But they also know that their friendship, and love for their husbands and sons, will give them the strength to carry on and find the happiness they deserve. . .  

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