Eagle Strike, Anthony Horowitz

Eagle Strike, Anthony Horowitz

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Condition: GOOD 

Publisher: Walker 

Publication date: 2003 

First published in 2003 

ISBN: 0744590574 

Format: Paperback  

Pages: 329 


About the Book:  

Relaxing in the south of Fran with his friend Sabina Pleasure and her family, reluctant MI6 agent Alex Rider is finally able to feel like any ordinary fourteen-year-old. Until a sudden, ruthless attack on his hosts plunges him back into a world of violence and mystery – and this time, MI6 don’t want to know. Especially when Alec tells them that Damian Cray – celebrity, human rights campaigner and the power behind Gameslayer, a new state-of-the-art games console – could be involved. 

Alex is determined to track down his friends’ attackers, even if he must do it alone. But it’s a path that leads to a long buried secret – and a discovery more terrible than anything he could have imagined.  

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