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Death in Springtime, Magdalen Nabb

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Condition:  VERY GOOD 

Edition/Year:  1984

Publisher:  Fontana

Pages:  155

Format Paperback


A crime novel by the author of "Death in Autumn" and "The Marshal and the Madwoman".


Such an unusual event in Florence that no one - not even the Marshal himself - noticed the two foreign girls being driven out of the city at gunpoint.  One was released almost immediately.  The other, a wealthy American, vanished without trace.  

The search turned to the Sardinian shepherds in the Tuscan hills - a close-mouthed fraternity at the best of times, which this certainly was not.  

But this was no straightforward kidnapping, as the Marsal discovered.  The outcome was as unexpected as snow in March - or death in springtime. 

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