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Assassination: 20 Assassinations That Changed the World, Silver Dolphin Press, Lee Davis

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Edition/Year:  1993

Publisher:  Transedition

Pages:  139

Format Hardback

Assassinations have increased in direct relation to the development of personal weapons.  Today's world leaders are more vulnerable to assassination by political enemies or psychopathic murderers than ever before.  The 19th and 20th centuries are littered with the untimely deaths of both great and not so great leaders:

JFK: the day everyone remembers

Gandhi: the death of a pacifist

Sadat: the price he paid for peace with Israel

Lord Mountbatten: the IRA and the Royal Family

Martin Luther King: a dream the became a nightmare

Rasputin: the mad monk who would not be killed

Archduke Ferdinand: a world war begins in Sarajevo

Abraham Lincoln: the South's revenge

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