All Our Tomorrows, Ted Allbeury

All Our Tomorrows, Ted Allbeury

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Condition:  VERY GOOD 

Edition/Year:  1983

Publisher:  Grenada

Pages:  349

Format Paperback


Better red than dead?

It could happen next year: as the politicians bicker, a neutral Britain's decline accelerates into anarchy.  The Prime Minister accepts the Russian offer to 'help restore law and order'.  Faced with national breakdown he has no choice. 

Millions collaborate.  But, as Soviet troops take over Britain's streets, men like Harry Andrews and Jamie Boyle go underground.  For them it is the only answer to the life-and-death question: Is freedom worth fighting for?

A nation demoralised, a way of life obliterated: they said it could never happen. . . but there are flashes of resistance from a freedom loving few. . . 

This is the nightmare of All Our Tomorrows


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