A Postillion Struck by Lightening, Dirk Bogarde

A Postillion Struck by Lightening, Dirk Bogarde

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Title:  A Postillion Struck by Lightening 

Condition:   WELL READ 

Author/s:  Dirk Bogarde 

Edition/Year:  1978 

Publisher: Triad Panther 

Pages: 302 

Format:  Paperback 


About the Book: 

This is Dirk Bogarde’s story, a delightful encounter with a world-famous actor, in which he affectionately recalls his early life in Sussex, the tough days at a Glasgow technical school, his time at Chelsea Polytechnic, his arrival in Hollywood. 

To read this absorbing autobiography is not just to trace the first steps of a talented young actor, it is also to discover a fine and gifted writer.  For the childhood scenes Bogarde evokes – of a happy and sufficient country life, of the unspoilt harmony of summer days – are brilliantly caught, spiced with a natural humour.  It is these moments above all, which make the book so memorable and so appealing.  

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