A Mah Jong Handbook, Eleanor Noss Whitney

A Mah Jong Handbook, Eleanor Noss Whitney

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Title:  A Mah John Handbook – How to play, score and win the modern game 

Condition: GOOD 

Author/s:  Eleanor Noss Whitney 

Edition/Year:  1964 

Publisher: Pan 

Pages: 235 

Format:  Paperback 


About the Book: 

MAH JONG has been for centuries the favourite game of the Chinese.  Its origins and history are clouded in legend.  Today it rivals Backgammon as the game that everyone wants to play. 

A MAH JONG HANDBOOK tells you how.  For the beginner it has just the information he needs to play quickly and well. For old Mah Jong hands it’s an invaluable combination of reference book and refresher course. 


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