A Factory of Cunning, Philippa Stockley

A Factory of Cunning, Philippa Stockley

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Condition: GOOD 

Publisher: Abacus 

Publication date: 2006 

First published in 2005 

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 377 


About the Book:  

Here is London, 1784. . .  

Welcome to a factory of cunning. 

One freezing May morning, two veiled women step off the boat from Holland. They are on the run: a French lady, calling herself Mrs Fox, and her maid. 

Immoral and beautiful, Mrs Fox has always used men to support and amuse her. Trusting on her wits to keep ahead of the hangman, she manipulates others to survive: gullible Lord Danceacre, sweet Violet Denyss and degenerate predator Earl Much. 

Yet in the Earl, Mrs Fox has met an adversary whose sadistic viciousness is a match for her attempts to destroy him. Games are played with ever higher stakes, until someone must pay the penalty – but will it be the innocent or the damned? 

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