The Seventh Pan Book of Horror Stories, Herbert van Thal

The Seventh Pan Book of Horror Stories, Herbert van Thal


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The Seventh Pan Book of Horror Stories  

AUTHOR : Selected by Herbert van Thal 

Publisher: PAN 

Publication year: 1970 5th Printing

Format:  Paperback 

Pages:  239

Category:  Collectors Item / Horror / Compilation  


Condition Notes: Please Note the photographs attached are of the actual book you are purchasing.  Please review these carefully and feel free to request more should you require them.  

Minimal bumping / rubbing.  Very little creasing.

About the book: 

She saw the hideous, blackened shape that had once been a man.  Its shrunken, hairless head stared with eye-less sockets, and handless, the stubby arms lay in pools of congealed blood.  Her eyes fell upon the burnt and twisted legs.  The skin had burnt away, leaving the bones exposed; long tapering claws in a bed of ashes. . . 

Imagine a dead white face made of wax, give the face a pair of huge black gleaming eyes filled with a terrible hunger that a thousand years of sated lust will not satisfy, watch a pair of thin lips as they mouth silent obscenities, and you have a fiend that is begging someone to share its Hell. . . 



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