Tutankhamun, The Book of Shadows, Nick Drake

Tutankhamun, The Book of Shadows, Nick Drake

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Condition:  WELL READ 

Publisher:  Bantam Press

Publication date: 2009

First published in 2009

Format: Paperback 

Pages:  381

From the cover:  

Egypt 1324 BC

For Rahotep, chief detective of the Thebes division, life is about to get very complicated.  On the shadowy city streets the cryptically mutilated bodies of several young people are discovered.  These brutal acts are destabilizing a ruthless regime already made precarious by corruption, dissent, the strain of distant wars, and the appalling divide between rich and poor.

On the golden throne, Tutankhamun has inherited an empire that should be at the height of power and glory.  But the King, just eighteen, and his brilliant young Queen are faced with the political consequences of the Court, and a bitter struggle for ascendancy.  He must reassert the authority of his famous dynasty.  And when his own security is threatened he needs an outsider he can trust to track down the traitor.

Already perplexed by the ongoing murder investigation, Rahotep receives a mysterious invitation to the labyrinthine halls of the Royal Palace.  But what he discovers at the dark heart of power will change his life, and put everything he loves at risk. . . 

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